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Reward motivations

This study will examine how adolescents (aged 10-13) respond to different type of rewards (absolute points and social rewards).


The purpose of the study is to see if an investigational treatment will decrease proteins in the blood & spinal fluid that are associated with Alzheimer's.


This research is being conducted to understand how blood flow and oxygen use changes as the brain is growing and developing throughout the first several decades of life.


The purpose of the research study is to determine if newborn brain activity can help predict the development of anxiety disorders.


This study will look at how mood, hormones, and brain response to peers change over adolescence.


The purpose of the study is to understand the effects of blood sugar on brain health in participants 12 to 17 years of age.

Autism Video Project

The purpose of the research study is to understand social behavior in autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Children's Listening Effort

The goal of the study is to learn about how children process speech in an accent or dialect different from their own

Digital Platform for Dissemination and Implementation of Eating Disorders Treatment

The purpose of the study is to test an online clinical behavioral therapy guided self-help (CBTgsh) platform for providers to gain training and provide treatment using CBTgsh to treat eating disorders, all in one platform.

Promoting language in children

A St. Louis University (SLU) research study seeks children to better understand language outcomes.